Interdisciplinary artists Cy Gorman  of Nurobodi (AUS) and Jazmyne Geis (GER/USA) met many moons ago at the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit in Angers, France, where they were both showcasing choreographic works that presented unique perspectives on contemporizing the past and envisioning the future. They immediately recognized a shared passion for creatively expressing the importance of the individual's interconnected relationship with Mother Nature and the art of experiential narratives.

In 2015, Cy and Jaz began a transnational new media/film research project exploring states of liminality and presence by combining mythological "goddess" archetypes within various physical & digital environments.

In the latter half of 2015, Cy met cyborg artist and activist Neil Harbisson (SPN/USA). The two formed another transnational creative relationship and Cy began integrating Neil's sonochromatic light and colour theory into both his audio and visual design processes.

This additional audiovisual production guidance from Neil, combined with the developing languages of Cy and Jaz's work, sparked the interest of one of the most renowned creative residency centres in Scandinavia and broader Europe - The Arteles Creative Residency Center. As well as gaining generous support from the Arteles Creative Center the AUGORG production residency expenses at Arteles was a fully funded Indiegogo campaign to a value of over EU14k (AUS20k).


The Augmented Organism Project's official feature film launched as an exclusive limited immersive screening license at Manningham Gallery in Melbourne Australia on a super blue blood full moon, Feb 2018 and featured there for 3 weeks only. It has not screened at any film festivals yet.

 "He ʻike ʻana ia i ka pono" 

"See the right thing to do, and do it"