AugOrg SoundTrack

A few words from the Composer and Sound Designer Cy Gorman

The Augmented Organism is a diverse tapestry of field recordings from our time in Finland combined with further sound design, music and sonochromatic binaural sounds. Each of the chapters in the film required a different approach to composition and sound design due to the their differing nature as experiential environments (both in the making of the film and the final viewing of the film).

The Use of Sonochromatism in the Augmented Organism Soundtrack

The sonochromatic binaural sounds relate directly to colours used in the final colour grade. However with sonochromats colour within a visual spectrum of light denotes the pitch. In the Augmented Organism project sonochromatic tones were devised by singing pitches that were ‘felt’ by Jaz and myself in various shooting locations that were then matched to the sonochromatic colour spectrum denoted within a sonochromatic octave. These very subjectively human ‘felt’ pitches translated into the language of sonochromatic colour were then applied to the lens of colour through which the film is viewed and experienced as conversation with sonochromatism.

What is Sonochromatism??

“Sonochromatism or sonochromatopsia (Latin: sono-, (sound) + Greek: chromat- (colour) + Greek: -opsia (seeing)) is a neurological phenomenon in which colours are perceived as sounds. The phenomenon is created by the union between a brain and a colour-to-sound software or chip. People who report such experiences are known as sonochromats. The term was coined by Neil Harbisson to differentiate his experience of colour from people with chromesthesia or colour-to-sound synesthesia.” - wikipedia

Harbisson's Sonochromatic Scales

“The Sonochromatic Music Scale is a microtonal and logarithmic scale with 360 notes in an octave. Each note corresponds to a specific degree of the color wheel.

Harbisson's Pure Sonochromatic Scale is a non-logarithmic scale based on the transposition of light frequencies to sound frequencies. The scale includes infrareds and ultraviolets, discards colour as being part of a colour wheel and ignores musical/logarithmic perception so it can overstep the limits of human perception.” - wikipedia

Harbisson's Sonochromatic Scales

Harbisson's Sonochromatic Scales